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Whats with the pug pun?

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The German word for pug is Mops man. Don´t want any of the pugwash? Scroll to How to get rolling.


My Operations Manager comes with two entry points as defined in pyproject.toml:

mom = ""
dad = ""

Both are command line applications to be executed from a terminal interface. Terminal as in the ultimate in terms of both ergonomy and effficiency. Description as follows.


Mom is the textual user interface (TUI) to My Operations Manager. It will display a terminal window full of output with which you can interact using context sensitive hot keys.

Initial view

Initial view. The screen shot shows a coloured panel of the currently active task as well as the projects most recent journal entry, should your project keep a journal. Help is available anywhere in the application on key stroke. Mouse support may be included in a future version.

You can view all of your options by pressing h for context sensitive and H for global help.

Projects Management

mom projects
Projects Management View. Create, edit and remove projects with a sub view to manage your project task contexts.


mom tasks
Tasks View. Create, edit and complete tasks, assign dependencies, schedule and wait. You can switch between your projects by just two key strokes.

Just hit f to followed by the hot key from the menu to change your tasking context to a different project.


mom table
One of the many tabulated data views rendered by mom. It shows all tasks +PENDING for all projects. Just press `4` anywhere in the application to display it. All number keys have tabulated views assigned. Check ´em out.

Due dates are color coded. Pressing H will show you all global hot keys from anyhwere when prompted by mom.

Can´t task this. 😉


Dad is the command line interface (CLI) to My Operations Manager. It takes a command to produce a specific result, very much in the same way as git would. Example: dad now --help

rich output

Bring some colo[u]r into your beautiful life on the command line.

Help Options

dad help
This is not all. Every COMMAND comes with its destinct help section.

Auto completions for bash, zsh & fishfinally a command line shell for the 90s. There are even auto completions when adding a task for examply with dad task -n

dad now
Every COMMAND comes with its destinct output that may be changed or altered by optional switches.

My Operations Manager, allows you to assign markdown notes to your tasks and projects. Taskwarriors annotations are rendered in a visually pleasing manner. Check out the command specific help for options. dad COMMAND --help


dad day
Some stats about what you have been up to is one of the outputs you can generate with dad in addition to just using bare `task`.

dad day defaults to the past 24 h. Watch a slide show of some of Task- and TimeWarriors internal reports: dad report

dad year
Reporting can trace back any given number of days and may come in various formats, depending on the given command line options.


dad bugwarrior integration
Make sure to follow the intstructions below and add the UDAs to your `.taskrc`.

Import Issues from gitlab, github and friends with BugWarrior


dad pomodoro
The pomodoro technique 🍅 strives for a reasonable balance between working in concentration and resting - which is in case of seated work best be spend walking or otherwise engaged. implemented for dynamic management chaos. Featuring the most boring yet surprisingly annoying alarm sound.

Defaults to 25, 5, 15 / 4 cycles. dad pomodoro --help for options if that does not make any sense to you.


A PDF report for your paper hard copies can be generated. At some point in the future, you may use this to produce an invoice if you are freelancing.

The current proof of concept PDF may not be up to date.

The first part of the report is set up by running betterletter schreiben in the working direcory. betterletter is a word processor with one use case: Make better letters.

Use timew export to export TimeWarrior data and task export to export TaskWarior data into the JSON Format.


My Operations Manager supports and extends TaskWarrior & TimeWarrior. Both are going to have to be installed to be able to run mom & dad, thus using mopsman as My Operations Manager. Jrnl is optional, yet recommended to provide you with a journal for your scrum or whatever. Mopsmans web site uses it for its release notes.

Futher tools recommended to interact with Taskwarrior:

Refer to task2dots documentation on how to style graphs.

Untested and possibly not compatible, yet listed as an alternative:

Please note that the makers of TaskWarrior are seeking donations. You may want to consider this.

How to get rolling?

Simply follow these steps to kick-start the juggernaut rapidly into smooth sailings:

  1. Launch by installing TaskWarrior and Timewarrior and pipx. No 🚀 science required.
  2. Spin up your My Operations Manager following these simple instructions.
  3. Done.

Install TaskWarrior and TimeWarrior accordingly, run both at least once by calling task and timew to initialize.

Install pipx if you have not done so previously. You can install the software by other means, such as pip yet this is the recommended way.

You don't have to re-invent it. Simply install the wheel from dist folder of the git repository using pipx. 👌. Latest version recommended.

pipx install ./DOWNLOADED_FILE.whl

or install mom & dad directly from the repository.

pipx install git+

Please make sure to always run the latest version.

Finally, to allow TimeWarrior to time track your TaskWarrior actions, install the Hook Script into the right place. The location may vary, depending on your distribution.

cp /usr/share/doc/timewarrior/ext/on-modify.timewarrior ~/.task/hooks/

chmod +x ~/.task/hooks/on-modify.timewarrior

To enable auto-completion for dad run dad --install-completion. Re-start your terminal.

To get help run dad --help or dad COMMAND --help and mom --help or H & h respectively when inside moms textual user interface. Enjoy.

Development Version

Can be installed simply by pointing pipx directly at the dev branch of the repository.

pipx install git+

Python 3.9 is the minimal required version. All packages used are frequently upgraded. It is recommended to always use the latest version.

You can use in the status bar of your tiling window manager. It randomly outputs current task and pomodoro status from various formats in one line each time it is called. Recommended: 1/min. 🍅 friendly.


GNU General Public License v2.0., aka a cancer to proprietary software, although the maintainer prefers the term a vaccination.

mopsman 0.2.4-alpha.0

pykyll icon by ak icon


There are now auto-completions for certains user inputs and by default in . The completions are generated from past task descriptions for now.

2022-01-10 11:37 Auto-completions.

A PDF report of any project going backwards for any given number of days may now be generated and come in handy if you are freelancing and are looking for some easy to come by documentation of time spent on the clock.

2022-01-01 11:43 Reporting.



Updated the documentation, help and made the outputs a lot more polished. Added a couple of features to dad. Check ´em out. dad day -nai among the many.

2021-12-27 20:15 version 0.2.4.

dad now implements the pomodoro tenchnique, that is to say it allows you to pace your activities into intervals and are friendly reminded to get up and strech your legs.

2021-12-20 13:37 Version 0.2.2.

I eventually got around to re-write some of the docstrings in dad. This means there will be better --help output with the next version bump. Must remember to document the s switch on moms main screen, wich brings up an experimental sub-menu allowing some timew operations after showing a summary. That is join two intervals or delete any.

2021-12-18 20:31 Rework dad.

In case you are not happy with a project any more, just dad project --nuke it. You can display help for every of dads commands by adding the --help option, as in dad now --help. TaskWarrior 2.6.0 will introduce a purge command. For now tasks are only marked as deleted.

2021-12-06 15:10 Removing a Project.

To allow picking up where last left off mom displays the most recent jrnl entry by default.

2021-12-05 12:35 Motivation.


Dad now interfaces with jrnl. jrnl is a very fine command line journaling tool. It will fit perfectly here.

2021-11-24 23:42 My Operations Manager.